Popular Internet influencers that don’t really exist

RIO DE JANEIRO: Inhumane and graphical people are gaining extraordinary popularity on social media, YouTube and the Internet, dubbed the Virtual Influencer.

One of them is the digital influencer Sierra Raika, who has won several virtual awards. He has 79,000 followers on Instagram. She says she likes French food and wears fictional characters. Sierra’s hair is purple. She likes to experiment and says that sometimes she thinks of herself as a potato. But the fact is that Sierra is a virtual character created by artificial intelligence.

They run on algorithms and live only in the computer world. Interestingly, they have been on the Internet since 2014. Her clothes, selfies and other hobbies are just part of the internet. In addition, more than 150 digital characters are currently watched and listened to by millions of fans on social media and the Internet.

The other major female influencer Ludo Megalobi is also popular all over the world and has more than one million followers. These virtual influencers are at the forefront of sales and are based in Brazil.

Earlier, China had offered virtual news anchors and newscasters, which were much appreciated.

Most influencers are on Instagram, and their numbers are growing rapidly.

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